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We are proud to announce the launch of our first edition of website, of the products of "EURO METAL"

We along with quality and general norms of standard, have introduced another visionary and excellent way of unmatched introduction of our products. "EURO METAL" is our brand name and currency mark of EURO enclaves in a pentagon is our "Registered Trade Mark"

For different categories of weight here we use a unique way, for heavyweight variety the term used is "PRIDE". For medium weight variety the term used is "PEARL" and for light weight variety the term used is "POPULAR".

There is no difference in all the three varieties

as for as quality is concerned. We are really concerned about the quality of our products so that the customer satisfaction is achieved.

Our products are available in Lavish dull, Satin Finish for domestic users and for export we introduce the kitchen jewellery in "Metallic Sheen" .

By the grace of Almighty Allah in cooking ware "EURO METAL" is pioneering all the giants already present in the domestic market.

In compressed steam cooking wares, we have also opened new vistas. "HOST" our proud production competing in the local market and setting new standards of fondness with chromium plated & 24 Kt. gold plated value set.

"HOSTESS" is the next produce of the compressed steam series. It will Insha Allah add to your inclination for the souvenirs of "EURO METAL".

This is another step in the direction of our vision to continuously provide you with excellent cooking jewellery. This is our way of saying, Thank you for choosing the products of "EURO METAL" for your kitchen.

                                                               Arshad Hussein Khan

                                       Managing Partner, Euro Metal

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