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Euro Metal is a family owned business concern evolved in an era of progress; continuous struggle, day & night effort to remain in connection with our "Valued Customers". Since 1944, we have vast experience in manufacturing, remodeling, reshaping and evolving more better future and innovative technologies to meet the satisfaction of our partners and end users.

Initially, we launched with the name of "Popular Metal Works" as the first name in manufacturing of sanitary and brass fittings in Pakistan. Going through evolutionary process it transformed into Adnan Industries and afterwards in Hussein Aluminum Industries.

With passage of time giving more and more expertise in smelting it also imitated a new concern of "Popular Metal Industries".

Now stand all merged, more experienced, more progressive and more dedicated to take even greater strides forwards with new and enlightened and more visionary, generation of our followers.

There is no short cut to experience and no match for the quality of Euro Metal has acquired over decades of dedication and commitment to best standards and norms in manufacturing Cook ware and compressed Technologies. We provide the cooking requirements economical and affordable provisions.


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